Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Friday, January 20, 2017 Grade 3 How We Express Ourselves

 Grade 3 has been doing some math and science activities involving balances.
 We used a ruler to solve a problem about a boy and girl on a seesaw. We found out that distance and weight matter when balancing on a seesaw. 
 The children also did a Mango Math activity called "Candy Catastrophe." Our scenario was that some candy spilled in a candy store. The owner of the store (my class) had to figure out how much money was lost due to this catastrophe. 
 We made a graph to show which candies spilled in the accident to count up the loss. 
Grade 3 made medals out of clay.
We used our soap dispenser top as a cookie cutter to make the medals.
The children smoothed the edges with water.

Mr. Apperson's cousin gave him some cupcakes with snowflake rings in them over the holiday.

We used the rings as a honko (stamp) to make a pattern on the medals.
The children got the rings after the project was done.

                         These medals will be used for our speech contest. 
We also have been creating certificates for the speech contest. We are sponsoring the "How We Express Ourselves" contest and we have 36 participants. The contest will be in February.  
The children made a chart for every class in order to judge them on loudness, clarity, action, time and attitude. Our topic will be "Your Favorite Movie."

Sean has begun to play the piano. His first song was "Aloha Oe." This song was made by an Hawaiian Princess while she was in prison. 


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