Thursday, December 8, 2016

Grade 1 Week 13 and 14: Where We Are in Place and Time

We have had two very busy weeks in Grade 1. This week we had Kodomo Matsuri with Jinsho and last week our field trip. In addition to these two big events, we have been preparing for our Winter performance, finishing up our inquiry into family and traditions, reading, writing, and math.

In Math we have been learning about 3-D shapes. We used our recycled art materials to create the different shapes we have been learning about, such as cones, rectangular prisms, cubes, and spheres.

At the Edo-Tokoyo museum, the student were able to experience Japanese traditions from both the past and the present.

Last week, the Grade 1 students worked in groups to create games with their spelling word. They made their own memory and matching games, as well as a secret code game. They enjoyed playing the games with each other and
Miss Sara.

Kodomo Matsuri

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