Friday, December 16, 2016

12/16/2017 Where We Are In Place and Time Final Week

Our class made New Year's cards. The teachers had a hard time selecting which picture would be sent out as the overall winner from Grade 3. It took them at least 2 minutes to decide. One of the above or below cards will be sent to the parents in the mail to wish them a Happy New Year.

Here are 2 more of our photo voices just in case you missed them. Click on the picture for further inspection.

This week we prepared for our Celebration of Learning by making the water for our synchronized swimming with electric lights. We learned about dividing and fraction in a realistic way. We made our own Olympic t-shirt design and ironed it on. The children put on letters on the back of their shirts to spell the word "swimming." We will show you our Celebration of Learning after the holiday.

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