Thursday, December 1, 2016

12/02/2016 Where We Are in Place and Time Term 1

Grade 3 began measuring for our bowling alley. We laid down a translucent sticks for our course of action. 
The children collaborated and made 2 posters for alley #1 and #2. We used our knowledge of perspective to make them. 

Click on and listen to Mario as he practices our music for the end of the year Celebration of Learning. 
Our students invented and made a bowling ball return machine during Science class. We tested out the device with great success. Be patient, we used slow motion cinematography. 

Grade 3 inquired into making a bowling pin returner prototype using origami. Here are the first steps of the process. 
We didn't have any origami paper; so, we made our own. 

 We used mathematics to do the steps. We learned about angles and geometry. 
The children put wholes in the boxes where the pins would be. 
We used a push pin (thumbtack) and pencil to drill the holes. 

These boy's box worked the best. We pretended that the pencils were bowling pins. The device was very fast loading. 

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