Thursday, November 17, 2016

Grade 3 Term 1 Where We Are in Place and Time 11/18/2016

 We have been working in teams on Word Problems in Mathematics involving division. We used Unifix cubes to enhance the process and we cooperated with each other. 

 This problem stated that 4 children were walking and they found $5.00. They turned the bill into their principal. After a month, the principal told the children that nobody had claimed the money and they could keep it. The children needed to divide the money into 4's. We found out that everyone got $1.25 apiece. 
We had another problem too. We tried to show our work with a picture, equation and words. There were 17 pieces of candy and 4 children wanted to divide the candy equally. How would they do it? We figured out that everyone would get 4 and 1/4 pieces. 

The children have been working on illustrating and writing stories. We added our voices and an animated gif.

A tall tale is a story that has stretched the truth and larger than life. Here is Sean's tall tale.
We have begun reading an easy chapter book entitled "Fantastic Mr. Fox" by Roald Dahl.

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