Thursday, November 24, 2016

Grade 2 term 1 Where we are in place and time

It has been another great week at JIES. The children have been busy on a number of projects and they are all moving forward really well.

The big world map that we have been making to track migrations is now finished. It`s a fantastic piece of work and I`m really happy with the effort that the children put in. Doing it was good for their sense of teamwork and collaboration and they have picked up a lot of geographical knowledge along the way.

We have also been moving ahead with our information book to go with the map. We have got together information on around 50 countries. I`m looking forward to publishing it so that you can see the great work that the children have been doing.

The dictionary is also progressing, but the children decided that we need example sentences for all of the words, so that has delayed publication. All of the words in the dictionary come from our inquiry, guided reading, maths, in fact anywhere where the children encounter a new word.

We were also lucky enough to have a volunteer who kindly came in to tell us about her experience migrating. Next week we will have some more visitors who will be able to speak to the children to relate their experiences. These events really help the children to understand the theme that we are working on at the moment.

Thanks to the kids for their hard work this week and I`m looking forward to working together next week. 

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