Thursday, November 10, 2016

Grade 2 term 1: Where we are in place and time

At grade 2 we have had a really busy and exciting week. The children have worked hard to get everything ready on time and show the great things that they can do.

On Wednesday we went to see the Mayor of Shibuya, for peace day. The children had put in a lot of effort getting a class presentation on peace ready. The children also drew pictures showing images of peace and war and why it is better to live in peace. The Mayor really seemed to appreciate the effort that they had put in.  At the end the children presented their pictures to the Mayor and in return they got a goody bag.

On Thursday we had many distinguished visitors at the school – the parents. Many thanks to those who were able to come. The visit gave us the chance to put on our performance on tolerance, which has really developed since we started the project. We then got our mind maps together and we started using our ideas in venn diagrams.

In math we have been estimating and measuring weight. It`s been a lot of fun and the children now have a good understanding on what a kilo weighs, why weight is important and how to read scales.

We finished the week by thinking about migrations, both human and animal. The students raised the very interesting question of where they would be living in the future and whether or not they would migrate. As a class we followed the question and we`re preparing a colourful poster with their answers. We also put the finishing touches to our venn diagram, which looks really good. 

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