Friday, November 25, 2016

11/25/2016 Where We Are in Place and Time Term 1

Today we had Pika Pika with our Japanese Sister School (Jinsho).    

We listened to a public official tell us about the appreciation that they have for us helping!
We had giant throngs to assists us in those long reaches and keep our hands sanitary. 
Our Grade 3 class split up into different inter-class groups and we wore gloves to protect our hands too. 
The children went to various spots around Omotesando to look for trash and to clean up leaves. 

    We found many pieces of gum and cigarette butts. 

 The students swept the sidewalks clean of debris. 
We saw some of community places that were decorated in holiday cheer. 
Our bags were full and we did a great job!
We have been working on more Tall Tales or exaggerated stories. Sumire and Talal put their stories up for your viewing. 

This is Mario's grape story! 

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