Thursday, November 10, 2016

11/11/2016 Grade 3 Term 1 Where We Are in Place and Time

Second and Third Grade has been having joint music classes with each other. One of collaborative Latin songs that we will be playing is "Dona Nobis Pacem" by Mozart. 
We have been reflecting about our line of inquiry- "How we represent a place?"

The children came up with various answers such as with a helicopter, a parachute, a car, a rocket, directions, longitude and latitude, and a map. 

 We then looked at a map of Japan and compared it to a map of Greece. We inquired how the countries are similar. We found out that Greece has 6000 islands and Japan has 6852 islands. We also found out that they trees, people, water and and they are small countries. 

During our Parent Observation, we located cities around the world using longitude and latitude.
The children did some division math problems for the parents to show how we check our homework and we did fractions using cups. We formed circles with cups in the shape of donuts. If there were 5 cups then the fraction was 5/5 or a whole. If the child got the answer right then he/she could go to the rug. Then Mr. Apperson got hungry and took a bite out of one of the donuts by removing cups. The children came back to their deck to figure out the new problem. For example, if 2 cups were taken away and we had 5 to start with, this fraction was 3/5. 

One of our Learner Concepts is perspective (the way we view things). We did some drawings using a vanishing point.

Talal made a highway.

Emine did sun rays. 

Mario made a church.

Sean created a triangle with an eye.

Sumire drew a pumpkin patch.

Lilly used a vanishing point with a railroad track.

Eren showed perspective with bottles.

Leyla suspended blocks in the air. 

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