Monday, October 24, 2016

New unit

Starting our new Unit of Inquiry.
We begin, by Tuning in.

  • to assess students' thoughts, feelings and understandings about the topic
  • to reveal students' misconceptions (so they can be explicitly addressed)
  • to help students personally connect to the topic
  • to generate questions and goals for learning

Tuning in activities are about students sharing their thoughts and feelings. The role of the teacher is to provide various ways in which to do this, recognizing different learning styles. Some activities are more verbal or visual, while still others may appeal to kinaesthetic learners.

As students participate in different activities and they have the chance to think about the topic, they begin to connect with it. As they connect, questions begin to surface. Ultimately, you want them to see the personal relevance (how does this topic affect me?) Spurring that curiosity is certainly a way to get students engaged and excited for learning.

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