Friday, October 21, 2016

Grade 2 term 1 Who we are

This was the final week on our theme. The children put in a lot of work making sure that all of the models and displays were ready. They also had to look at their portfolios and double check that everything was in the right place. A big thanks to all of the children for their fantastic work. The community tree looks great and the hanging gingerbread men are a good reminder of the IB Learner Profile and attitudes.

This week was also literacy week. We had a number of activities to develop a love of reading among the children. They had the chance to hear lots of different stories in a variety of languages. On Wednesday the children had the costume parade, which was fun.

In mathematics, we have started learning about standard units of measurement. The children have been busy estimating height, length and width and then measuring the objects. Today we looked at measuring the length of curved objects using string and rulers. The unit is a lot of fun, involving plenty of hands on work.

We also began to think about some of the concepts that will be driving our next theme. The children have been developing their ideas on change and the reason for change. The children came up with some really interesting examples, so it promises to be an exciting next few weeks.

Finally, many thanks to all of the parents for coming in to the Celebration of Learning. I hope that you enjoyed the event.

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