Thursday, October 6, 2016

Grade 2 term 1 Who we are

Monday was health day and to start the morning the children had to complete the obstacle course. The children had to show their skills at cart wheeling,  running, jumping, spinning around and throwing a basketball. It was a great way to start the day and focus on physical health. 
We also started thinking about our final, summative assessment for the theme that we have been studying this term – Who we are. We reviewed many of the ideas that we have been looking at over the past few weeks and then began to consider how we would design the front covers to the children`s portfolios.

On Tuesday the children were treated to a performance by a small group of actors called the Covenant Players. They gave a small performance on the themes of respect and bullying. The children enjoyed the play and they were able to develop their understanding of these difficult themes.
Wednesday was another busy day preparing the summative assessments. Today we used mind maps as a tool for the children to do some brainstorming. We also managed to get the front covers finished. The children also completed a reading task and then shared the knowledge that they`d gained with other members of the class.

On Thursday and Friday we continued to focus on our communities projects. The work is really coming along, with some beautifully written and well-thought out pieces. We also reviewed our understanding of being open minded and caring and why these are important characteristics to have. Finally, grade 2 had some library time, during which they could exchange their books and enjoy doing some reading. 

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