Thursday, October 13, 2016

Grade 2 Term 1 week 7 Who we are

On Tuesday, in maths, we reviewed the addition and subtraction skills that the children have been developing over the past few weeks as we shall be moving on to look at measuring. In literacy, we continued to look at spelling and vocabulary, building the children`s understanding of letters and digraphs. The inquiry session was extremely busy, with students completing their community brochures and preparing a display focusing on the IB Learner Profile.

On Wednesday we continued to develop ideas around the Learner Profile, looking at being open-minded and inquirers. We considered what it means to be an inquirer and what  a person with an inquiring mind would do. We generated ideas that we can use for a new classroom display. We also started work on our community tree, designing the tree and taking the photos that we will incorporate into the display.

On Thursday we continued with the community tree, which is really taking shape and began to pull together our ideas on communities, values and beliefs. In maths we also got to the end of addition and subtraction skills. The children have made really great progress.

On Friday we put the finishing touches to the community tree and made progress with our gingerbread men, displaying  some of the traits that we are trying to develop at JIES. We also started at looking at measurement in maths. 

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