Friday, October 7, 2016

Grade 1 Week 6: Who We Are

This week the grade 1 students worked really hard to create some amazing drawings of healthy fruits and vegetables with pastels. The drawings they made this week were practice before they choose one fruit or vegetable to draw for our cookbook. After we finished the drawing the children had their work critiqued by their classmates. The students told them what they did well and gave advice on how they can improve their work. 

We also began to look more closely at the PYP Learner Profile. This week we focused on Open-minded, Caring, Thinkers, and Inquirers. After discussing about what these profiles mean, we created posters together on the smartboard


As you know we have been studying about the body and health for our unit of inquiry. I am sure all of your children have been coming home and talking about the digestive system, food groups, and healthy food choices. For our summative assessment at the end of the month, the grade 1 students would like to make a cookbook with simple healthy recipes from their home countries. We would all greatly appreciate your help and ask if you could send in one or two healthy and easy to follow recipes that can be included in the book. You can send them to me by email or with child. 

Thank you,


PYP Learner Profiles

Pastel Drawings

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