Friday, October 14, 2016

10/14/2016 Term 1 Grade 3 Who We Are

We were risk-takers. As a part of our STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) program and unit on Who We Are, we learned about Greek Architecture and columns with cups and trays.
Our task was to make a 1 story building by positioning cups in the correct direction and then stand on it.
One person could stand with ease on the cups.
 As you can see this 1 story building successfully supported 2 people without buckling.
Then, we tried 3 people without any major problems but it depended on the direction and angle of where the people were located.
These cups had structural damage when too much mass was applied.

We then went for the double deck or 2 story building by combining buildings. It supported 1 person.
So, we decided to combine all 3 groups and cooperate to make a 3 story building. The question was, "Who would stand on it?"

Lots of people volunteered and we learned that columns support a great deal of weight! That is why we design our government buildings with pillars. Thank you ancient Greek people!
 Here is the Parthenon. This Greek building is supported by columns and was made by one of our 3rd Grade students out of paper. Some of the ruins of the columns are still standing today!
 We have been learning about Greek Mythology. We found out that they had many gods that they invented to explain the world happenings. Many of us believe in one God.

We are in the process of writing scripts about these characters in past times and in present times.
This week's homework comprised of math, reading and revising a paper. We didn't get a chance to take our Spelling Test today and so we will take it on Monday. We are frantically preparing for our celebration of learning next Friday. We just wrote an "I am..." poem too. Please don't forget that there is a book fair on Monday and we are dressing up on Wednesday.

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