Thursday, September 8, 2016

Grade 4 - Inquiry Bags and the PYP Concepts

One of the five essential elements of the International Baccalaureate learning philosophy is the concepts (Causation, Change, Responsibility, Reflection, Form, Function, Connection and Perspective).  The concepts help students guide their focus when developing questions and learning about different subjects and themes.  

In Grade 4, we reviewed/introduced the concepts and how they connect with different types of questions by sharing Inquiry Bags, which is my inquiry based version of Show and Tell.  Instead of just telling about the objects that are important to us, students must inquire and ask questions in order to produce evidence and make a conclusion as to why their classmate brought in that specific object to share.  The students ask question and state which concept the question is focusing on.  

Not only was it a nice way to get into inquiring, but it also gave us a chance to learn about primary and secondary sources for research, since in this activity we were researching through interviews with primary sources.  


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