Friday, September 16, 2016

Grade 2 week 3. Who we are - Communities, beliefs and values

We have had a busy week this week, developing our inquiries into communities, values and beliefs using a variety of subject disciplines. We have also continued working on our maths and literacy skills.

We started with geography. The children produced a detailed map of the world. The work involved the children working together in groups and negotiating with other groups in order to fit the pieces of the map together. The children also completed their country flags with some accompanying information.

We then developed lines of inquiry - questions - that children could use to investigate different cultures and their beliefs. Children then selected a culture (the Bedouin, Inuit etc.) and used their questions and computers to research. The children are now working on their presentations.

It`s been challenging for the students, but they have been working really well together and they have come up with some great information. I`m looking forward to their presentations.

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