Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Grade 2 term 1 week 5 Who we are.

On Monday the children worked extremely hard to get their models finished. The results are really impressive. I was also happy to see some of the children making a big effort to help their fellow classmates get their work finished on time. The children also put in some additional research to go with their models.  In maths we worked on addition of three numbers.

Tuesday was another busy. Having completed the models the children needed to write some accompanying information. Additionally we collaborated on a self -assessment form, which the children then used to reflect on their work. We also had literacy and numeracy classes, where we continued with addition and developed both writing and listening skills.

For our inquiry on Wednesday the focus was on reviewing the knowledge that the students had gained in the course of their investigations into different communities and to then compare their communities with life in Japan. This involved the production of a slightly longer piece of writing than normal. Overall, the children did an excellent job expressing their ideas clearly and neatly.

In the Thursday language lesson, we continued to develop strategies that students could use to develop their spelling. We also reviewed the work that we had already done on conjunctions. For our inquiry, we began to think about the work that the children could do to display their understanding of community, beliefs and values.  We also edited and completed the writing which they had begun comparing Japan and the communities that they investigated. 

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