Wednesday, September 7, 2016

9/09/2016 Grade 3 Who We Are Week 2


Monday- Reading and Music
Tuesday- Reading and Lattice Multiplication
Wednesday- Reading Comprehension and 2 Digit Multiplication
Thursday- Study for your Spelling Test and practice Edelweiss on your recorder for Music.
Friday- Reading with a Venn Diagram (likes and differences), practice your Music and do double digit multiplication

We have put our theme, lines of inquiry and central idea into our portfolios.
Today, we tried out our new book classification system during our library time.
Jin and Lilly are reading books from their reading level.

We learned how to label the parts of the skeletal system using technical names just like a doctor.
Sean brought in a 3-D skeleton that will help us in our science and health unit.
We used alliteration in Language Arts to summarize a story and help us understand the PYP attitudes better. Leyla did her story about an enthusiastic girl who wanted to become a drummer. Even though people discouraged her from becoming a drummer, her dream finally came true.
 Sean did a story about curiosity. A class was swallowed up by a snake and the teacher rescued the children by dealing a few blows to the snake.
Sumire did a story about respect entitled "Miss Rumphius." She used "P" words. 
Today, we ran a marathon. Please remember that the children can wear their PE outfit all day on Fridays.

We also had a reading exchange during Guided Reading time and read with a reading buddy from Grade 2.
For Science, Sean and Leyla worked on a poster about the Archimedes Principle.

In Art, the children used a color called vermillion (orange) to paint an image from a picture and print it. The process showed us about mirror images.

This is Mario's discus thrower. We based our pictures on the original Olympic Greek events.

Beyza did a picture about a person receiving a crown for winning an event.
Leyla showed a participant throwing a javelin. 
Here is a group of runners doing a relay.
Emine did a long jumper picture that included the sand moving in the pit and a fast jumper. The English prefix “para” came from the Greek language and means “besides.” The Paralympics are an extension of the Brazil Olympics. Many participants in these Olympics have paraplegia. This means that the lower half of their body can’t move and has paralysis. Many of the people in the pictures look like that they don’t have limbs, feet and hands just like the special needs people in the Paralympics. We have empathy for these people.

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