Thursday, September 29, 2016

9/30/2016 Who We Are Week 5 Grade 3

 Sean, Leyla and Eren displayed information about the Archimedes Principle. The PYP Learner Profile tells us that one of the attributes that we should exhibit is being principled or fair. The King in Archimedes's day wanted to find out if he had been cheated by a jeweler who made him a crown. He hired a scientist to find out. Click on the poster to get the rest of the story.

 Mario and Emine did a poster about Socrates. He asked many questions. He (like us) was an inquirer. The Government even though it was democratic didn't like him questioning authority and sentenced him to death by drinking hemlock. In the PYP, we answer our questions.

Beyza, Sumire and Lilly created a Greek poster about marathons. We run marathons on Fridays. One of our Learner Profiles in the PYP is about being a communicator. There was a battle at the Greek city of Marathon and the runner had to go 47 kilometers and tell the people in Athens that they had won the battle and the Persian enemy was coming to Athens. The runner died from exhaustion after saying the message.
During our morning assembly, we celebrated a lot of birthdays for this month.

We went on an excursion with Jinsho to Yoyogi Park. It is about a 15 minute walk from our school.

We played games, ate lunch and got some fresh air. As you can see, they keep the place well manicured and trimmed!
We were very organized and everyone had a great time besides a crow stealing a younger boy's lunch.

In Mathematics, we have been doing some binary math to help us learn about patterns and place value. Computers use this method. The rule is that there can't be 2 in a place value. In our standard base ten math, we can't have more than 9 in a place value. 

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